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Anna Greenberg, Class of 2003

Anna GreenbergWhile at Sahuaro, Anna Greenberg was profoundly involved in both academics and extracurricular activities. She was a football team manager for four years, involved in choir and drama, and selected by her peers as a member of the Student Council. A friend to all, Anna truly embodied the mission of Sahuaro. She was especially gifted in being socially adaptable to every student from every socioeconomic and cultural background. Anna was the recipient of the Harry Johnson Spirit Award and took every advantage of Sahuaro’s opportunities, using the school as a launch pad for her incredibly poignant and meaningful life.

At Menlo College, Anna continued a tradition of superior academic achievement and contribution, earning many awards during her tenure there.

Throughout life, Anna has been a selfless servant to her community. As a young girl, she participated in Girl Scouts, was a Lifetime Member and achieved the monumental task as the top seller of Girl Scout cookies in AZ. While many business-centric graduates focus on personal success, Alma always focused on the success of others while concurrently obtaining unparalleled achievements.

During and after college, Anna loyally returned to her hometown of Tucson as one of its most influential community contributors. While her efforts were vast and wide, she focused on two main organizations – The March of Dimes and the American Cancer Society. Anna was devoted to supporting families with prematurely born babies. In 2009, before Anna was diagnosed with cancer, she joined the American Cancer Society (ACS) as a Regional Community Relationship Manager. She was diagnosed with cancer in October 2011, two years after she began a weight loss journey in which she lost a remarkable 90 pounds.

Denis Cournoyer, executive director of the ACS, told the Arizona Daily Star that Anna really used her cancer as a platform to help younger people understand that it can impact anyone at any age. Even while battling cancer, she was dedicated to encouraging others.

Anna lived a relatively short life, but one that was rich and abundant in quality. Anna passed away on May 28, 2013 after her 20-month battle with cancer. She is survived by her parents, Bruce and Alayne Greenberg, five brothers, four sisters-in-law, three nephews and three nieces. Aru1a represented the high-caliber character expected of a Sahuaro High School graduate and left an infinite legacy to follow.