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Rodney Peete, Class of ’84, NFL Veteran Quarterback

Rodney PeeteNFL veteran quarterback Rodney Pette, best known for his leadership and a winning attitude, spent 16 successful years in the NFL. He is currently hosting a daily radio show, “Meet the Peetes,” with his wife Holly on the Oprah and Friends Channel of Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Their reality of the radio program captures the life of two working parents raising their four children, balancing their careers and being activists and advocates on issues which affect them and their family.

Rodney is president of HollyRod Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based entertainment and investment firm. Additionally, he is a co-founder of the HollyRod Foundation, an organization established to generate funds to fight Parkinson’s Disease, support children suffering from Autism, and improve the quality of life for those in need. In his role for the organization, Peete has been able to secure partnerships with some of the largest corporations in the world including Target, Anheuser-Busch, Mercedes Benz and Starwood among others. He also serves on the Board of Governors at his alma mater, USC, from where he holds a B.A. and was First Team All-American and 1988 Player of the Year.

Rodney and his wife, actress Holly Robinson Peete, have been married for over 13 years. The Peetes are the proud parents of four children: twins Ryan Elizabeth and Rodney Jackson, Robinson Jame and Roman Matthew. The family resides in Los Angeles.