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Ann Hamm, Teacher, Coach, Counselor

Ann was born in Jacksonville, Illinois, a town in central Illinois. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and a Master of Arts degree in Guidance and Counseling from Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois. She started her career teaching English and Reading at Roosevelt Junior High in Peoria. After two years she moved with her husband, Mike, to Tucson – that was 1969.

Ann and Mike have one son, Michael, who graduated from Sahuaro in 1996. From 1969 until 1973 Ann taught 7th and 8th grade English and Reading at Magee Junior High School. Hank Egbert brought her to Sahuaro as a Counselor in April of 1973. The next year she was appointed Coach of the Pom and Cheerleader Squads.

Some of the accomplishments of the Pom and Cheer Leader Squad under Ann’s coaching were:

  • Implemented the first co-ed cheer squad in Southern Arizona
  • Developed a summer cheer camp for ages 5-15 as an educational tool to promote interest in cheerleading as well as develop cheer skills in youth.
  • Won many regional and national championships and awards.
  • Won 5-A Arizona State Cheerleading Championship in Co-ed Partner Stunt Division for two years and the 5A Arizona State Cheerleading Championship in the Large Co-ed Division.

She also:

  • Coordinated and supervised the administration of the ACT and PSAT tests at the Sahuaro site for 20 years.
  • Served as ACT Ambassador for ACT in the Southern Region.
  • Served as secretary for the Arizona School Counselors Association for two years.
  • Served for 35 years as teacher and counselor in TUSD.
  • Spent 31+ continuous years as a dedicated 24/7 counselor to thousands of Sahuaro High School students and faculty.

Ann retired from counseling in May of 2003 and from coaching in May of 2004.

Ann stated, “I pretty much grew up at Sahuaro High School. It was my life for the 31 years of my tenure there and I am and always will be an ardent Sahuaro supporter dedicated to the promotion of Sahuaro High School, its students, faculty, and programs.”

Nominated by Reggie Fowler, Hall of Fame 1998; Christie Lane-Baldwin (class of 78); Bill Burgess, Hall of Fame 1994.