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Ann Lynn Grose, a beloved and respected Sahuaro educator, passed away March 14, 2017 after a short illness. Ann was a Social Studies teacher as well as for many years the SHS Student Council facilitator. Perhaps the one thing that highlights her love of teaching and her students was a video made at one senior prom that captured her laughing and saying, “I love it!”, meaning the event and to be among all the exuberant students that evening.

But, as was her typical way, she chose not to have an obituary or public service at her death, but rather planned for her love of students to continue through a generous scholarship benefitting Sahuaro Student Council Students. Thank you, Ann Lynn Grose. You are and will be remembered through the many hearts and minds that you touched as well as your generous, loving spirit.

Ann Lynn Grose is one of the Eternal Sahuaro Cougars.