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Nellie Cho Wilcox, Class of 1996

Nellie Cho WilcoxNellie Cho Wilcox was an integral component of a wide variety of Sahuaro activities involving both students and faculty/staff members. Always striving to help others and make people feel comfortable, she creates an aura of optimism and exuberance. Her enthusiastic and infectious personality is genuine. Nellie is like the “EverReady Bunny” in that she is always on the go at full speed and never seems to slow down.

This is clearly evident when one examines all the roles and activities she was involved in while at Sahuaro. These include three terms as class president followed by student body president for her senior year; and four years of participation on the women’s volleyball squad. She assumed numerous leadership roles, represented Sahuaro at local and state levels as a participant in Girls State and Anytown, received recognition as a Regents Scholar and was a recipient and participant of the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Seminar. Her high energy and up-tempo drive continued at ASU where she served in various capacities such as Devil’s Advocate Vice-President, a Resident Assistant and Orientation Leader. Nellie was also an intern for the American Cancer Society and became a cast member for a Walt Disney World College Program. A Summa Cum Laude graduate of the

A Summa Cum Laude graduate of the Barret’s Honor College, Nellie became involved with the Student Alumni Association and then began pursuit of her career ambitions. Nellie works for Sanofi Pharmaceuticals and represents the company with the highest degree of professionalism. She was responsible for promoting and informing physicians about several pharmaceutical products that were rated in the top ten worldwide. She excels in the company and maintains a very high level of respect, from her physician customers in the cardiovascular and diabetic marketplace.

Maybe the most impressive accomplishment of Nellie’s is her ability to balance a work and home life. She is a military spouse and the mother of three kids. Being a military wife, she has had to move the family and manage everything at times while her husband was away. Through it all, she continues to do everything with a smile and dives right into the next challenge. She is raising her kids to be the next generation of good citizens that get involved with strong character and integrity.